Thinner Than A Crescent

Bihar Board English ‘Thinner Than A Crescent’ – Objective

नमस्कार दोस्तों, Hindi-Exam.Com पर आपका स्वागत है, इस पोस्ट में है Bihar Board 10th English Poetry के ‘Thinner Than A Crescent’ का Objective Question- Answer दिया है, जैसा की आप जानते है कि आजकल Bihar Board Class 10th English Exam में बहुत ज्यादा Objective Question पूछा जा रहा है !

इसी को ध्यान में रखते हुए हम आपके के लिए Bihar Board 10th English के ऐसे Objective Question लाये है, जो आपके आनेवाले Exam के लिए बहुत ही फायदेमंद साबित होगा | इसीलिए हमारी सलाह है की दिए गये ‘Thinner Than A Crescent Objective’ ध्यान से पढ़े ! बार- बार पढ़े, जिस से आपकी तैयारी अच्छी हो जाए !

1. “Thinner Than A Crescent” has been composed by …….
(A) Puran Singh
(B) Durga Prasad Panda
(C) Vidyapati
(D) Nirad C. choudhary

2. Vidyapati’s poems are about Radha and ……………..
(A) Ram
(B) Sita
(C) Krishna
(D) Vishnu

3. Lord Krishna had not met ……….. for some time.
(A) Radha
(B) Sudama
(C) Vidyapati
(D) Yashoda

4. Who is crying?
(A) Radha
(B) Lord Krishna
(C) The Poet
(D) None of these

5. How is she hurt?
(A) Due to the presence of Lord Krishna
(B) Due to the absence of Lord Krishna
(C) Due to the ignorance of Lord Krishna
(D) None of these

6. Originally Vidyapati is a ……….. poet.
(A) Hindi
(B) English
(C) Maithili
(D) Bhojpuri

7. Radha’s friends were ……….. about her.
(A) Angry
(B) Worried
(C) Happy
(D) Ecstatic

8. This poem “Thinner Then a Crescent” is in the form of
(A) A letter
(B) A report
(C) A speech
(D) A conversation
[(Ans. (B)]

9. Radha’s friend goes to Krishna
(A) Running
(B) Riding
(C) Walking
(D) Sailing
(Ans. (A)]

10. Why is Radha crying?
(A) due to her hurt
(B) in absence of her lover
(C) both (A) and (B)
(D) none of these

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11. To whom does Radha’s friend make a report?
(A) Rama
(B) Krishna
(C) Lakshamana
(D) none of these
[Ans. (B)]

12. What do Radha’s friend believe in?
(A) Krishna will never come again
(B) Joy may come again
(C) Joy will never come again
(D) Nothing will come again

13. Why did Radha’s friend run to Lord Krishna?
(A) to meet him
(B) to see him
(C) to report him
(D) to warn him

14. Another name for Lord Krishna is
(A) Radha
(B) Buddha
(C) Madhavi
(D) Madhav
[Ans: (D)]

15. Actually, this poem is a ……….. to Lord Krishna
(A) grief
(B) love
(C) scold
(D) report
[Ans. (D)]

16. Radha is growing thinner than the
(A) moon
(B) slice
(C) stick
(D) crescent
(Ans. (D)]

17. Radha, each day, grows thinner, thinner than …………….. in the sky.
(A) a girl
(B) the crescent
(C) her friend
(D) none of these
(Ans. (B)]

18. Who is loved by Radha?
(A) Lord Rama
(B) Lord Krishna
(C) Lord Shiva
(D) Lord Vishnu

19. And she ……….. on its bank.
(A) looks
(B) cries
(C) broods
(D) sings

20. Who is Madhava?
(A) Lord Krishna’s friend
(B) The other name of Lord Krishna
(C) Lord Krishna
(D) a follower of Lord Krishna

21. Vidyapati was born in
(A) Bishup, Madhuban
(B) Baisakhi, Madhubani
(C) Bisfi, Madhubani
(D) None of these

22. What carved a river?
(A) her water
(B) water
(C) tears
(D) None of these

23. At times they ………. hope.
(A) tears
(B) banish
(C) broods
(D) crescent

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24. Radha is both hurt and
(A) tears
(B) crescent
(C) confused
(D) banish
[Ans. (C)

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