Polythene Bag 10th English

‘Polythene Bag’ – 10th English Objective

नमस्कार दोस्तों, Hindi-Exam.Com पर आपका स्वागत है, इस पोस्ट में है Polythene Bag 10th English का Objective Question- Answer दिया है, जैसा की आप जानते है कि आजकल Bihar Board Class 10th English Exam में बहुत ज्यादा Objective Question पूछा जा रहा है !

इसी को ध्यान में रखते हुए हम आपके के लिए Bihar Board 10th English के ऐसे Objective Question लाये है, जो आपके आनेवाले Exam के लिए बहुत ही फायदेमंद साबित होगा | इसीलिए हमारी सलाह है की दिए गये ‘Polythene Bag 10th English Objective’ ध्यान से पढ़े ! बार- बार पढ़े, जिस से आपकी तैयारी अच्छी हो जाए !

1. “Polythene Bag” has been composed by ……….
(A) Durga Prasad Panda
(B) Periasamy Thooran
(C) Puran Singh
(D) Laxmi Prasad Devkota

2. The polythene bag melts down when a little ……… is applied.
(A) chemical
(B) fertilizer
(C) warmth
(D) water

3. What grows far away from everyone’s gaze?
(A) fear
(B) love
(C) polythene bag
(D) germs
[Ans. (D)]

4. A polythene bag cannot be
(A) made
(B) recycled
(C) destroyed
(D) none of these

5. If the polythene bag is left to itself, it ……………….. the environment.
(A) beautifies
(B) cleans
(C) changes
(D) pollutes
[Ans. (D)]

6. When human beings try to hide the feeling of ‘hurt’ inside other feelings of sadness, it is not
(A) forgotten
(B) remembered
(C) recorded
(D) polluted

7. When does a polythene bag make a noise?
(A) when burnt
(B) when touched
(C) when smelled
(D) when pressed

8. Durga Prasad Panda occupies a prominent position in …………… literature.
(A) hindi
(B) english
(C) oriya
(D) bengali

9. What type of noise does a polythene bag make?
(A) great
(B) squeaky
(C) smelling
(D) none of these

10. What type of smell does a polythene bag exude when burnt?
(A) heavy
(B) light
(C) pungent
(D) disgusting

11. Where do germs of diseases keep on growing?
(A) In polythene
(B) In soil
(C) In garbage bin
(D) None of these

12. The feeling of ‘hurt has been compared to
(A) A garbage bin
(B) The earth’s crust
(C) A polythene bag
(D) The environment

13. What does a polythene bag give out when it is burnt?
(A) gives fragrance
(B) exudes a pungent smell
(C) gives some noise
(D) none of these

14. What causes pain?
(A) hurt
(B) learnt
(C) smell
(D) touch

15. What comes back again and again?
(A) pollution
(B) pain
(C) smell
(D) nothing

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16. Where is the polythene bag buried?
(A) inside the earth
(B) inside the garbage bins
(C) inside the water
(D) none of these
[Ans. (A)]

17. How does polythene bags affect environment?
(A) it pollutes
(B) it breaks
(C) both (A) and (B)
(D) none

18. How does the germs of disease grow?
(A) when thrown away
(B) when left in garbage bin
(C) when left untouched
(D) none of these

19. Whose hurt melts down like polythene bag?
(A) men’s
(B) women’s
(C) poet’s
(D) none of these

20. What does not get dissolved into the earth’s crust?
(A) a stone
(B) a hurt
(C) a bag
(D) a polythene bag
[Ans. (D)]

21. Who occupies a prominent position in Oriya literature?
(A) Durga Prasad Panda
(B) Laxmi Prassed Devkota
(C) Periasamy Thooran
(D) None of these

22. What do you mean by ‘Hurt”?
(A) Luxurious
(B) Painful
(C) Comfortable
(D) Troublesome

23. What happens when we touch a polythene bag?
(A) it becomes swallow
(B) it makes a short and shrill noise
(C) it is decomposed
(D) None of these

24. What happens when we burn it?
(A) it turns into ash
(B) it gives a poisonous smell
(C) it becomes volatile
(D) None of these
[Ans. (B)]

25. What happens when we leave a polythene bag on the earth?
(A) it degrades the soil
(B) it pollutes the environment
(C) it improves the soil
(D) None of these

26. What happens when it gets little heated?
(A) It melts down
(B) It becomes solid
(C) It vaporises,
(D) None of these

27. Whose famous works are ‘Sawarani’ and ‘Rays’?
(A) Vidyapati
(B) Laxmi Prasad Devkota
(C) Durga Prasad Panda
(D) Humanyun Kabir

28. What is referred to as a mundance thing?
(A) pollution
(B) politics
(C) polythene bag
(D) warmth

29. Whick object never gets dissolved into the earth crust?
(A) garbage
(B) bin
(C) polythen bag
(D) germs

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30. What has been compared to a polythene bag in the poem?
(A) the feeling of groan
(B) the feeling of hurt
(C) smell
(D) dissolve

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