God Made The Country

Bihar Board 10th Objective – ‘God Made The Country’

नमस्कार दोस्तों, Hindi-Exam.Com पर आपका स्वागत है, इस पोस्ट में है BSEB Class 10th English Poetry के ‘God Made The Country’ का Objective Question- Answer दिया है, जैसा की आप जानते है कि आजकल Bihar Board Class 10th English Exam में बहुत ज्यादा Objective Question पूछा जा रहा है !

इसी को ध्यान में रखते हुए हम आपके के लिए Bihar Board 10th English के ऐसे Objective Question लाये है, जो आपके आनेवाले Exam के लिए बहुत ही फायदेमंद साबित होगा | इसीलिए हमारी सलाह है की दिए गये BSEB Class 10th English objective – ‘God Made The Country’ ध्यान से पढ़े ! बार- बार पढ़े, जिस से आपकी तैयारी अच्छी हो जाए !

1. Who created the poem ‘God Made The Country’?
(A) William Cowper
(B) William Wordsworth
(C) Alexander Pope
(D) Durga Prasad Panda

2. William Cowper may be said to be giving in his poems a foretaste of the poetry of ……….?
(A) Wordsworth
(B) Puran Singh
(C) Laxmi Prasad
(D) Durga Prasad Panda

3. According to the poet, health and virtue can be found in ……………
(A) towns
(B) cities
(C) villages
(D) factories

4. The town’s people do not enjoy any real ………..
(A) scenery
(B) food
(C) drink
(D) fun

5. In this poem the narrator is
(A) a townsman
(B) god
(C) country
(D) a villager

6. William Cowper was born in
(A) 1721
(B) 1711
(C) 1730
(D) 1731
[Ans. (D)]

7. William Cowper died in
(A) 1805
(B) 1798
(C) 1800
(D) 1810

8. Like whom the poet did not hesitate in giving clear-cut opinion about the issues of his time?
(A) William Cowper
(B) Keats
(C) Wordsworth
(D) Thooran

9. A two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle used in olden times.
(A) cart
(B) chart
(C) chariot
(D) none

10. Why is the thrush scared and the nightingale offended?
(A) to hear the vice of the poet
(B) to hear the songs of village
(C) to hear the songs of town
(D) none of these

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11. Health and goodness can make our life
(A) harder
(B) Comic
(C) sweet
(D) confound

12. According to the poet who made the town?
(A) God
(B) Government
(C) Man
(D) None of these

13. That ……………. holds out to all, should most abound.
(A) life
(B) virtue
(C) groves
(D) town

14. What has made the man idle?
(A) Luxurious life
(B) Comfortable devices
(C) Packed foods
(D) None of these
[Ans. (B)]

15. Why were groves planted?
(A) To comfort us
(B) To provide us loaries
(C) To provide us fuel
(D) None of these

16. What is the poet’s desire?
(A) To enjoy comfortable conditions
(B) To enjoy luxury
(C) To energy green environment
(D) The pleasure of natural objects
[Ans. (D)]

17. The villagers can do very well without the ………… lights of the town.
(A) grand
(B) dim
(C) soft
(D) shining

18. On hearing the songs of the towns, singing-birds like the ………… are afraid and go away.
(A) parrot
(B) thrush
(C) cuckoo
(D) sparrow

19. Listening to the ……… songs the nightingale becomes mute in a town.
(A) radio
(B) television
(C) headphone
(D) gramophone
[Ans. (D)]

20. Where is the life least threatened?
(A) in towns
(B) in the fiends and groves
(C) in villages
(D) none of these

21. What are planted to console the pensive wanderer?
(A) grooves
(B) shades
(C) walls
(D) factories
[Ans. (A)]

22. The moonbeam slides between …………….
(A) the houses
(B) the sleeping leaves
(C) shades
(D) none of these
[Ans. (B)]

23. The thrush departs …………
(A) sacred
(B) gladly
(C) scared
(D) boldly

24. The poet calls things like health and virtue
(A) Gifts
(B) Prizes
(C) Curses
(D) Defects

25. Where do you find fields and groves?
(A) in villages
(B) in towns
(C) in forests
(D) in cities

26. What is the source of light in Villages in the evening?
(A) seen
(B) moon
(C) lamp
(D) none of these

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27. Where is life better?
(A) in towns
(B) in villages
(C) in markets
(D) in homes

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