12th Bihar Board Objective

12th Bihar Board English Objective Question – पाठ -8 – How Free Is The Press

नमस्कार दोस्तों Hindi-Exam.Com पर आपका स्वागत है, इस पोस्ट में है Bihar Board English Objective (Rainbow) के पाठ-8 How Free Is The Press का सम्पूर्ण Objective Question- Answer दिया है, जैसा की आप जानते है कि आजकल Bihar Board English Exam में बहुत ज्यादा Objective Question पूछा जा रहा है | इसी को ध्यान में रखते हुए हम आपके के लिए Bihar Board Class 12th English के ऐसे Objective Question लाये है, जो आपके आनेवाले Exam के लिए बहुत ही फायदेमंद साबित होगा | इसीलिए हमारी सलाह है की दिए गये Bihar Board Objective Question – How Free Is The Press धयान से पढ़े | बार- बार पढ़े जिस से आपकी तैयारी अच्छी हो जाए |

1. The news in the newspapers is generally
(A) to the point
(B) somewhat changed
(C) completely changed
(D) None of these
Ans. (B)

2. Decent journalists and responsible editors are not pleased with present affairs
(A) true
(B) not true
(C) cannot be said
(D) None of these
Ans. (A)

3. The press enjoys the
(A) boldness of public
(B) the helpnessness of the public
(C) idleness of the public
(D) None of these
Ans. (B)

4. The editorial policy of a popular daily is controlled by
(A) two chief factors
(B) three chief factors
(C) four cheif factors
(D) None of these
Ans. (A)

5. No widely circulated newspaper dares support a public policy due to vested interest of
(A) the government
(B) editor
(C) reporter
(D) advertisers
Ans. (D)

6. A big circulation spells bankruptcy if the paper has to depend on
(A) the sales
(B) advertisers
(C) salers
(D) None of these
Ans. (A)

7. The policy of a newspaper is largely determined by
(A) the government
(B) the public
(C) the proprietor
(D) None of these

8. The auther has given the forms of misrepresentation, they are
(A) five
(B) four
(C) seven
(D) six
Ans. (D)

9. Dorothy L.Sayers was born in
(A) 1863
(B) 1873
(C) 1883
(D) 1893
Ans. (D)

10. She died in
(A) 1967
(B) 1957
(C) 1977
(D) 1987
Ans. (B)

11. She was educated at –
(A) Cambridge
(B) Oxford
(C) both
(D) None of these
Ans. (B)

12. In democracy, the freedom of press is
(A) not necessary
(B) necessary
(C) dangerous
(D) None of these
Ans. (B)

13. Freedom of press is restricted during
(A) peace
(B) war
(C) epidemic
(D) None of these
Ans. (B)

14. The state is the
(A) master of the people
(B) servant of the people
(C) exploiter of the people
(D) None of these
Ans. (B)

15. The heaviest restriction upon the freedom of public opinion is
(A) official
(B) unofficial
(C) both
(D) None of these
Ans. (B)

Bihar Board 12th ‘THE ARTIST’ सम्पूर्ण पाठ Objective

16. ‘How free is the Press’ is written by –
(A) Mahatma Gandhi
(B) H.E. Bates
(C) Dorothy L. Sayers
(D) Dr.Zakir Hussain

17. Dorathy L. Sayers has written the lesson –
(A) I Have a Dream
(B) How free is the Press
(C) The Earth
(D) A child is Born
Ans. (B)

18. Censorship is imposed during
(A) election
(B) peaceful time
(C) emergency
(D) None of these

19. ……………are careful not to antagonize the press.
(A) Doctors
(B) Traders
(C) Teachers
(D) Politicians
Ans. (D)

20. The …………… is not the master but the servant of the people.
(A) State
(B) Government
(C) Village
(D) District
Ans. (A)

21. A free and fair press is the true watch……… of democracy.
(A) cat
(B) bird
(C) dog
(D) None of these
Ans. (C)

22. The first chief source of a newspaper’s revenue is ………….
(A) donation
(B) debt
(C) grant by the government
(D) advertisement
Ans. (D)

23. The ………….. Press is, under ordinary conditions, singularly free.
(A) European
(B) British
(C) Indian
(D) Chinese
Ans. (B)

24. The second chief source of a newspaper’s revenue is –
(A) debt
(B) donation
(C) the wealth of owner
(D) grant by the government
Ans. (C)

25. The…. …….. can make or break reputation.
(A) teacher
(B) press
(C) man
(D) None of these
Ans. (B)

Bihar Board 12th ‘A CHILD IS BORN’ सम्पूर्ण पाठ Objective

कक्षा-12 Chemistry का Chapter- wise सम्पूर्ण हल

26. The editorial policy of a popular daily is controlled by…….. chief factors.
(A) one
(B) two
(C) three
(D) four
Ans. (B)

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